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How does your patients feel after having their medical services from your facilities?

Do they feel motivated to keep going and fully recover?

Or do they feel more stressed, anxious, and depressed?

Being sick and being diagnosed will illness can be stressful and trigger mental health challenges. So making your patients feel supported and ensuring that they are comfortable during their stay is a huge factor in helping them better manage both their physical and mental health challenges.

If you design your clinic to be more functional and improve your aesthetics, you are creating a more comfortable and inviting environment that helps your patients feel at ease as soon as they enter your medical facilities.

Get feedback from your patients, and your medical staff as to how you can better improve your medical facilities.

Our Process & Expectations

  1. Send us your project enquiry together with the photos of your existing home and design ideas (if you have any).

  2. Our team of experts will contact you for further needed details so we can send your project quotation.

  3. We will send you a detailed project quotation including the scope of work.

  4. We will sign a contract in order to commence with the project.

  5. Financing Scheme and Building permits will be discussed with our expert team in order to provide you necessary assistance.

  6. A Whatsapp Group Chat will be created for consistent project updates and smooth communication between you and our professional team.

  7. Manual and technical guides will be endorsed upon completion of your dream home project.

  8. You will be provided with healthy and safety information certificates if applicable.

  9. We also offer after renovation/extension services for any issues that will possibly arise.


We offer a 2 year warranty as per the Building Code of Australia Guidelines (BCA).

Why Renovate Your Medical Facility?

Comfort and Welcoming Atmosphere

Help your patients feel more at ease with your modern aesthetics.

Reduced Anxiety

Choose soothing colours and natural light to create a calming
atmosphere so you can help your patients reduce their anxiety
and stress.

Quality Care

Your perception will better increase if your clinic looks beautiful and modern. Your patients will feel your commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Positive Patient Experience

Enhance your patients entire healthcare journey by improving the design of your clinics. Make it more functional and comfortable for your patients family members and for your health care team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions answered for your dream commercial space renovation.

Yes of course. Yes only after we visit you for on site measure and complete existing floor plan along with proposed drawings (*drawing require a fee deposit ) and once proposed plans are approved, then within 7 working days you will receive a full hand prepared commercial space renovation/extension quotation. Note:*drawing fee deposit will be credited to you in construction stage.

The easy answer is it depends. The standard commercial space renovation or extension can take anything between 8 and 12 weeks from planning to completion.

All commercial renovation or extension projects are unique and so are the final project costs. We price our commercial renovation or extension builds to the dollar with no hidden extra costs. So you can be sure to budget correctly. There are 3 major things that affect the cost of your commercial space renovation or extension. 1. The size of it 2.The complexity of the design and 3. The nature of the inclusions (basic, standard, luxury)

Once we have signed off on the final contract and plans we usually start the build within the coming weeks. This all depends on many factors that we will agree on at the time.

Yes we do. We can show you some completed projects from all over Sydney. We tend to show you work that is similar to your project. This will give you the best idea of what to expect in your commercial space renovation or extension.

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