Structural & Load Bearing Walls Modification Projects

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Structural & Load Bearing Walls Modification

Look at your home spaces right now. Is there any area in your
home where you wanted to remove the walls because it makes you feel cramped and you want to achieve an open plan living?

Maybe you just simply want to achieve a fresh look and a more
seamless free flowing space so you can breath a new vibe and
live a new lifestyle. Then make it possible by removing your structural wall and undergo home renovation.

This process is crucial so you’ll definitely be needing experts in
order to achieve a safe removal of your structural wall, because
failure to do so can lead you to costly mistakes and the worst is, that it can cause potential structure damage to your home.

Why Modify A Structural or Load Bearing Wall?

Here are some of the reasons why you need to remove your
structural wall during your home renovation.

Make your home feel more spacious by improving your natural light flow, and enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Achieve a space that is easier to navigate and use. You can combine your dining and kitchen areas so to create a more inviting and functional area for cooking and dining.

When you remove the walls, you can allow more natural light to enter your room or space. This can be especially beneficial if you have limited windows or if the removed wall obstructed the flow of light. It also helps improve the aesthetics of your spaces.

Our Process & Expectations

  1. Send us your project enquiry together with the photos of your existing home and design ideas (if you have any).

  2. Our team of experts will contact you for further needed details so we can send your project quotation.

  3. We will send you a detailed project quotation including the scope of work.

  4. We will sign a contract in order to commence with the project.

  5. Financing Scheme and Building permits will be discussed with our expert team in order to provide you necessary assistance.

  6. A Whatsapp Group Chat will be created for consistent project updates and smooth communication between you and our professional team.

  7. Manual and technical guides will be endorsed upon completion of your dream home project.

  8. You will be provided with healthy and safety information certificates if applicable.

  9. We also offer after renovation/extension services for any issues that will possibly arise.


We offer a 2 year warranty as per the Building Code of Australia Guidelines (BCA).

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